Through our registered broker-dealer, Merger & Acquisition Capital Services, LLC provides both debt and equity solutions for agency owners looking to raise capital to fund acquisitions, partner buy-outs / buy-ins, or to refinance existing agency debt.  Our team works with lenders that understand the insurance business and the value of its reoccurring revenue stream, who are willing to lend when traditional banks will not.  M&A works in collaboration with, national, local and insurance specific lenders as well as strategic equity partners to provide comprehensive capital financing solutions for agencies of all sizes.

Our expertise and industry knowledge allows us to approach a diverse cross section of lenders simultaneously, often reducing the total time to fund transactions, and because we manage the entire process agency owners are free to focus on running their business rather than managing the capital raising process.
If you are currently looking to raise capital for your agency, or MGA, to fund an acquisition, a partner buy-out / buy-in, or to refinance existing agency debt, contact us today to learn how Merger & Acquisition Capital Services can develop a customized solution for you.  All inquiries will be held strictly confidential.

Agency Capital Raising Process

Planning Stage

  • Assisting and determining short and long term financing goals
  • Creating an offering memorandums, and producing pro forma financials
  • Preparing professional investor presentations

Marketing Stage

  • Developing a universe of potential lenders including:

  • Local Banks / Credit Unions
  • Insurance Specific Lenders / Commercial Lenders
  • Strategic Equity Partners / Private Equity / Venture Capital

  • Arranging and facilitating calls and meetings with lenders
  • Assisting clients in preparing for presentations and calls with potential lenders

Funding Stage

  • Assist in evaluating and providing advice as it relates to financing offers and terms
  • Assist in due diligence preparation and management, through the use of our proprietary secure electronic data room
  • Ongoing advice as it relates to additional funding needs and growth planning

All investment banking services are performed by registered representatives of Merger & Acquisition Capital Services, LLC.. Securities are offered in the United States through Merger & Acquisition Capital Services, LLC., a US registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.


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