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M&A Assists Tower Group Inc. in the acquisition of Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company

June 22, 2009—Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. (“M&A”), announced that is successfully assisted Tower Group Inc., (NASDAQ: TWGRP) in its acquisition of Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company (NASDQ: SUAI). M&A was retained by Tower to provide independent advisory work related to the proposed acquisition. As an advisor, M&A reviewed and advised senior management from Tower on certain financial and reinsurance documents related to SUAI. “M&A is pleased to have assisted Tower on this important and time sensitive project,” said Jason C. Murgio, Principal of M&A. “Tower has been a long standing client of ours and we look forward to continuing to build on that relationship. Tower Group, Inc. offers property and casualty insurance products and services through its operating subsidiaries. Its insurance company subsidiaries in the U.S. offer insurance products to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses through its network of retail and wholesale agents and specialty business through program underwriting agents. Tower also offers reinsurance solutions to small insurance companies through its Bermuda based reinsurer and U.S. insurance companies. Tower’s insurance services subsidiaries provide underwriting, claims and reinsurance brokerage services to other insurance companies. Specialty Underwriters’ Alliance, Inc., through its subsidiary SUA Insurance Company, is a specialty property and casualty insurance company providing commercial insurance products through exclusive wholesale Partner Agents that serve niche groups of insureds. These targeted customers require highly specialized knowledge due to their unique risk characteristics. Examples include tow trucks, professional employer organizations, public entities and contractors. SUA’s innovative approach provides products and claims handling, allowing the Partner Agent to focus on distribution and customer relationships.

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Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. is a specialist advisory and financial services Firm to the insurance and reinsurance industry, with offices in New York, Connecticut, Georgia & Cayman Islands. Founded in 1999, the Firm and its affiliates provides investment banking and insurance consulting services globally, including; merger & acquisition advisory capital raising, valuations, program placement/fronting, and reinsurance advisory. Merger & Acquisition Capital Services, LLC., a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA / SIPC, is an affiliate of Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc.

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