Client: Montpelier Re (NYSE: MRH)

Objective: Assist the client in reviewing an offer for their U.S. excess & surplus lines company as well as working with them to structure and negotiate the transaction and definitive agreements.
Our Process: Led by a senior advisor, Merger & Acquisition Services undertook the following initiatives:
  • Worked with the client to analyze the offer and its contingencies
  • Assisted the client in assessing the objectives for selling the company
  • Provided advisory consultation and structuring advice
  • Assisted in negotiations between the parties
  • Worked with the client and their counsel to prepare and negotiate the purchase agreement
Result: After a thorough review of the offer, determining the client’s long term objectives and assisting in the negotiation process, Merger & Acquisition Services was successful in negotiating the structure and agreements whereby Montpelier sold Montpelier U.S. Insurance Company  to Selective Insurance Group (NASDAQ: SIGI) for approximately 1.5x Statutory Book Value ($55,000,000).


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